Who Are Siteset Digital?

Genuinely different, open and honest, with a depth of skills and a passion for our agile culture and approach.
We were established in 1995 and have been specialising in delivering online projects and products for over 20 years.
We strive for quality in all that we do and our ISO9001:2015 certification is testament to this ethos.

Meet Our Team

We have two main areas of the business, our support services team and our change management. Unlike most website agencies, who will delivery your project and then leave you to fend for yourself, we have a team working every day to support our clients.


Overseeing the incredibly able and skilled teams that work in the business are our board. They are hands on in the company as well, so there isn’t much that happens that they don’t know about or are contributing to in some way.

Peter Sheppard

Managing Director

Ange Seymour

Client Services Director

Nick Oppenheim

Financial Controller

Jan Stannard

Founding Director / Company Chairperson

Jeremy Coulter

Founding Director
Client Services

Our client services team look after all of our clients and provide daily support for new site builds, content updates, technical queries and configuration. They deal with over 80,000 requests every year. From before your site is even live, our client services team will be there to help you get your new site live, implement any new services you wish to put in place and be your helping hand at any point while you are part of the Siteset family.

Dolly Dhillon

Senior Client Services Administrator

Kim Head

Senior Client Services Administrator

Roxy Dexter

Client Services Administrator

Shannon Sylvester

Client Services Administrator

Maria Pratley

Client Services Assisstant
Change Team

Our change team undertake project work for anything that needs developing. Whether you want a website, transactional platform, bespoke online software or portals or apps, they will work with you to understand the scope and put in place the resources that will be needed to get your product to market.

Luke Edwards

Change Manager

Dag Andre Ivarsøy

Technical Manager

Andy Bleach


Alex Smith


Mitar Holod


Kristan Sirett


Oscar Berry