The Most Important App in the World

When rebel Elves in the admin department went on strike two years ago, over the freezing of their clothing allowance for the 28th consecutive season, Mr Christmas vowed never again to rely on out-dated technology and manual processes. That much has been well documented, but less is known about the solution he eventually chose to replace his once-trusted system of chalk and blackboard slates.

The legendary Siteset Christmas party is traditionally held on Christmas Eve itself, in the penthouse suite at Siteset Towers. The lofty position provides unparalleled vistas and a great opportunity to observe Santa during his ‘Big Night Out’, as Mrs. C refers to it. But most importantly, it also enables us to provide a unique service to Santa when the sips of sherry accumulate to what he describes as BBP, or Bladder Bursting Point. (For those of you who have always wondered, his prosthetic liver takes care of the effects of the alcohol.)

It was during one of these comfort breaks that our MD, Peter ‘Never Shy Of Utilising An Opportunity’ Sheppard, first outlined the idea of the ‘Future Present App’ to Old Nick. The concept of recording gift allocations for every child in the Christmas-speaking world is simple, but the logistics of handling the large numbers involved and in particular the need for a state-of-the-art interface suitable for the Elves and the Big Cheese himself made the design challenge an exceptionally difficult one.

Siteset already have expertise in the gift procurement arena, due to our role developing the Window Shopper App for our sister company Brash, so it wasn’t quite the challenge for us that perhaps some of our competitors may have encountered had they thought of the idea first… and held their Christmas party atop Siteset Towers… and possessed Reed’s Engineering & Technology Boss of the Year in their ranks.

So what difference will it make to Mr. C?
“It’s already revolutionised the way he and the Elves work”, said his better half, with very obvious delight in her eyes. “I’ve been trying to drag him into the 21st century ever since the debacle of 2005 – you know, when we ordered too many Tamagotchis. But that strike business really hit him hard. Something had to happen and Siteset were there at the right time with the right answer.”

What do the Elves think?
“They love it – it’s so easy to use. They’re ahead of schedule this year and are already planning their post-Christmas knees-up. Squabbles over clothing allowances are a thing of the past.”

So when you catch a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh in the skies above your home this Christmas, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is going to be ok, thanks to Siteset Digital.

Note: The Future Present App is not available in App stores

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