Siteset Towers – Open for business

Being an agile agency, we like to move offices every couple of years just to keep everyone on their toes. For that reason on Friday 19th June we decided, on a whim, to lug all of our kit across town to some bigger offices at Moorbridge Court. We bashed down some walls, put some new ones up, sloshed some paint around and hey presto, the new Siteset Towers were up and running.

Ok so it wasn’t quite that straight forward. But Siteset Digital has been growing steadily over the past few years and, with the setting up of our sister company Brash, we had outgrown our offices at Siena Court. With our new agile ethos and approach to business we also wanted a more flexible space to work in and one that reflects our unique personality. And in our new offices we have that.

And speaking of unique personalities, one of the things that a move reveals is the personalities of your employees. Here is a fascinating window into the approach one of our UX Developers took, compared to one of our support team:

An image showing the difference between a developer's well ordered desk and a support team members desk in disarray

As you can see, one of them quite clearly took great care to pack each item as if it were a Christmas present to go under the tree. Much time and love was invested in making sure every corner was covered and every cable folded and taped up. There is a place for everything and everything has its place. On the other side of the desk, however, you can see that the most important item has been bubble wrapped – the coffee mug – but then clearly they must have run out of bubble wrap, or patience, because it is a little more rugged! I wonder if you can guess which desk belongs to which person?

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