St. James's Place Wealth Management

A multi-site network of Partner websites, with full application integration and managed support


St. James’s Place wanted a platform that would allow them to give their Partners a professional website. This required a blend of content created and controlled by a central marketing team and content created by the individual Partner businesses as well. Key to the requirements was the ability to give Partners a fully branded and compliant website, that could be customised to fit their individual practices but still retain the quintessential St. James’s Place look and feel. They also wanted a full support team to allow their Partners to request changes whenever they wanted, rather than having to do this themselves.


Working as an extension of the St. James’s Place marketing team, we have worked closely with them to build a suite of Partner website services that can be easily rolled out when requested. We have also put in place a dedicated support team for them, who are focussed on undertaking website management tasks to support the running of the entire portfolio of Partner sites. This team are responsible for undertaking both technical and content tasks for Partners. They also provide a first line of review for both brand and compliance issues that might occur within the content of the sites.

We have implemented a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) and admin suite for St. James’s Place, which integrates with a website order process to allow Partners to easily commission a new site. A Partner can elect to have one of a number of site styles, depending on the type of business they run, which is made up of their own content and content syndicated into the site from a centralised version of the CMS. The centralised content blends seamlessly with the Partner’s own content to make up the full website.

Additionally there are a number of integrated applications, providing mailing and other market insights content. This content is synchronised with the Partner site data so that it is presented to end users in a customised style consistent to their own Partners, rather than the generic St. James’s Place content that would otherwise appear.

This setup creates an online estate that any Partner of St. James’s Place can choose to take advantage of, with a support team at Siteset to act as their own content team whenever they need any changes made. And that same team performs annual reviews of every site in the portfolio, to make sure they are FCA compliant and that the content is of a high standard.

The platform now has over 2,500 live websites and multiple integrated platforms and continues to grow.

Services Delivered

  • Multi-Site Website Portfolio Development
  • Bespoke Portal Development
  • Syndicated Content
  • Application Integration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Dynamic Content
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Multi-Platform Testing