My HR Dept

A website and management portal design and build, with integration to a dynamic document building functionality


My HR Dept came to us because they wanted help with their online offering. Their website had become dated and they also wanted to upgrade their backend portal to allow them and their clients to better manage employee records. They also wanted to rebuild their dynamic document-builder, which enables users to generate contracts using a blend of data held in a database and information that could be inputted by the user at the point of creation.


We worked with My HR Dept to evaluate their current platform and identify a flow that would work for their users. They provided us with a full breakdown of the data they wished to be able to store within the portal and we then designed screens that would work with this. The requirements were quite complex so we went through a number of iterations before we got to a point where all parties were happy with how the screens worked.

We simultaneously developed a dynamic document functionality within our Molecule CMS. This allowed My HR Dept to create document structures that combined fixed content and dynamic content (which would be generated at the point of document creation from either the database or from inputs from the end user). The Molecule interface for this allows users to create types of questions which will elicit the information required, allowing end users to step through a phased set of questions in order to produce a bespoke contract at the end of the process (in either PDF or Word format).

Whilst work on the backend system was in flow, we also designed screens for the new website, utilising a more modern look and feel. A key part of the design was the use of iconography rather than imagery, as My HR Dept wanted to avoid the use of lots of stock imagery. We created a series of custom icons for use in the site and paired this with a clean and simple red and blue colour palette to give the site a professional and formal feel, in-keeping with the sector in which they operate.

Services Delivered

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Website Development
  • Bespoke Portal Development
  • Bespoke Document Builder Development & Integration
  • Secure Database Development
  • E-Commerce Development & Payment Portal Integration
  • Multi-Platform Testing