Rapid website development for a growth acceleration marketing & creative agency in London


Early came to us to help them build their website. They wanted to create a contemporary look and feel and had already identified the Bomby theme as having a lot of what they wanted and they had full designs ready for us to work with. But the Bomby theme was not the flexible framework they hoped it would be so they gave us the go ahead to use Elementor instead.


The Bomby ‘theme’ isn’t a theme in the conventional sense. Whereas traditionally a theme on WordPress is a set of pre-built page layouts and blocks that can be used to create a website, Bomby is more like one of a number of ‘block builder’ WordPress sites. Instead of being a collection of existing pages with styles and layouts coded into the theme, it uses WP Bakery’s block builder technology to allow pages to be built from a blank canvas. 

We are not all that familiar with WP Bakery at Siteset. It is not a plugin that we have used much, as we favour others. However, it is one of the leading WordPress plugins for allowing block builder approaches to websites. But having used others, such as Elementor and Divi, we were confident that we could quickly get up to speed with it and crack on with building the website for Early.

Having been provided with the design for the homepage from Early’s design team, which was very similar to the existing Bomby design at that point and kept the layout the same, we sat down to make the changes. These consisted entirely of content and colour changes and updates to the font.

Having already familiarised ourselves with WP Bakery, we were expecting this to be straightforward. However, the experience we had was far more frustrating. In short, it took just under an hour to make some relatively simple changes to only five of the homepage blocks using an existing layout and during this time the interface was hard to use and took time to load.

At this point we asked Early if we could try using Elementor to build the site. We proposed building the homepage layout from a blank canvass, so that we had full control of every block and all of the styles. Early agreed, as they were not wedded to the platform, only to the styles.

The change was dramatic. In 67 minutes we rebuilt the entire homepage, from scratch. Using Elementor we were also able to take more control over the styling at tablet and mobile layouts, something we were not able to do to the same extent using WP Bakery.

For the rest of the project we built the pages to the design and then undertook review and edit calls with Early’s creative director, making edits in real time as he requested changes. This approach cut out the waiting period between requests and implementation and in a two hour call we resolved almost all the changes required. This extremely agile way of working saved him time in documenting the changes he wanted and us time in then interpreting them.

The result was in only a couple of weeks we had rebuilt their entire website, gone through UAT and put the site live, with minimal fuss and no misunderstandings in feedback.

Services Delivered

  • User Experience (UX) Design Consultancy
  • Website Development
  • Rapid and Agile Development
  • Multi-Platform Testing