Dr H. Eli Joubert

Dr H. Eli Joubert

Delivery of a website to showcase the skills and experience of Dr H. Eli Joubert, a Clinical Psychologist of international repute


Dr H. Eli Joubert came to use to ask for a redesign of his existing website, which acts as an online showcase of his professional skills and experience. He wanted something that looked modern, professional and incorporated a somewhat ‘vogue’ look and feel.


As there was an existing site my another supplier, our first challenge was to understand from Dr. Eli what he didn’t like about that and what he did like. Another challenge for Eli was that he didn’t really know very clearly what design he wanted, other than that he required something more slick and ‘vogue’. He openly admitted he would need to see something before he knew if he liked it.

With this in mind, we quickly used the existing content to create half a dozen variations on a core homepage design. We varied colour palette, typography and imagery to give a number of different possible directions. We then worked with Eli to narrow these down to a single layout and a couple of variations on colour and typography, before further iterating to a final version. Once this was achieved we then created content pages following the same design approach.

Services Delivered

  • Design / Re-Design
  • Website Development
  • Multi-Platform Testing