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every one of our live sites gets ‘all you can eat’ support and we manage every aspect of the sites

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we deliver over 75,000 individual actions a year, across more than 40,000 support tickets logged

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we complete over 98% of our requests within SLA, an industry-leading performance

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we created nearly 400 new websites last year – that’s more than one a day!

why we are different


We believe that good support shouldn’t be a preserve of clients with large budgets. That is why every website that we provide comes with access to our market-leading support team.

Siteset was built on the principle that we create websites that put the client in control of their own content, which is why everything we build as standard is built on a content management system (CMS). This means that anytime you want, you can login and make changes to your site. But we also recognise that many of our customers also come to us because they don’t have the time to make changes themselves. 

That is why we created our client services team, who are solely dedicated to dealing with requests from our clients to update, change or create new content for their websites. But they are fully technical as well. If you need new domains to be set up, DNS records configured or bespoke code added to your site, they can help with this too.

We are here to provide our clients with the best experience in the industry. We strive to be better at what we do than anyone else and we don't settle for anything less!
Ange Seymour
Client Services Director
We understand our clients and their needs. If there are guidelines that need to be met, or standards to be protected, we learn these and then make sure they're always in place.
Dolly Dhillon
Client Services Team Leader

industry-leading standards


Every job that our team undertakes is tracked in our ticketing system, ensuring that we don’t miss a single request. The client services team deals with upwards of 40,000 individual requests (totalling nearly 90,000 tasks) each year, and we’re proud that we maintain service levels of consistently over 98%. Performance at this level is almost unknown in the industry!

Custom service levels can be agreed, as required, and our team can be trained to take on any number of review and quality control tasks in order to make sure your site is always meeting the regulatory requirements you are subject to.

Below you can see our full Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the websites we build.

New Website Requests

Siteset will undertake all activities associated with the set up and launch of a web service on behalf of a client, from receipt of a signed contract to the live running of the service.  A web service includes:
·       A new website
·       Remodelling of an existing site
·       A holding page
·       A new landing page (a page that doesn’t currently appear within an existing site’s navigation)

Service Description Service Level
An initial design approach will be made available for review on a staging URL. 10 working days
New Services are launched with a high level of accuracy. No more than 3 technical errors on staging site
High level of accuracy on feedback All issues raised are resolved within a single iteration
Siteset will deliver, as part of the initial design approach, a working (design in build) site design approach (Homepage) and associated sitemap (also in build – working navigation) for the client to review prior to the site then being fully developed. This may include a content and contact template. Homepage, Navigation and Content page on first iteration
Sites will be assessed to check that all level A accessibility requirements have been implemented as part of the build (as defined in the documented standards for sites) Sites are capable of level A accessibility compliance
All tickets, including requests for change, will be managed through ZenDesk. ZenDesk tickets listed in system with full audit trail
Content Management

Siteset will provide content management support to clients once the website is live.

Service Description Service Level
Completion of permitted content change requests. 3 working days
Completion / close down of all permitted, complex, non-chargeable new content change requests. 5 working days
Completion / close down of all content projects (i.e. a collection of large-scale new content changes, new page or section of pages implementations or design changes). 10 working days
General Support

Siteset will provide a telephone and email support service to all clients, capable of responding to and closing general web service enquiries.

Service Description Service Level
Respond to all calls and emails received, to acknowledge receipt of request. 1 working day
Completion / close down of all business-critical content changes (i.e. legal change or contact change, etc.) that are raised via a phone call. Same working day
Escalate all malicious or system availability issues to the technical team for assessment. Within 30 minutes of being reported / identified (within business hours)
Site Health-checks

Siteset will audit all client web services annually and provide a six monthly ‘spot check’ to ensure sites are continuing to run at required standards.

Service Description Service Level
All websites will have an annual ‘audit’ on the anniversary of their go live date. Within 10 days of 'go live' anniversary date
All web service owners will be contacted as part of their annual ‘audit’ to see if any changes are required and to update them on the current service status. Within 10 days of 'go live' anniversary date
All web service owners will have a courtesy checkpoint six months after their annual audit date. Within 7 months of the previous 'annual audit' completion
All web service standard updates (updates to plugins and operating systems that are performed through the user interface) will be undertaken at each checkpoint and audit. Latest versions of software less than 7 months old
Data Processing & Security

Siteset will process and maintain all client data in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations.

Service Description Service Level
An incident log will be maintained of all incidents where potential and suspected data breaches or failures occur. All incidents reported to Siteset Board & Client within 1 working day.
Log reviewed quarterly by ISO Quality Board.
Where a project requires data collection from customers of a client, which is not a simple contact form, then a full GDPR assessment of the requirements and a design implementation will be required and undertaken. GDPR implementation design provided as part of project initiation (prior to build) - within 5 working days of receipt of brief
All sites will have a full GDPR compliant Privacy Policy / Statement page. Sites will also include a cookie message which links to this page and all contact forms will link to this page. Privacy Policy in place for go live and all forms, cookie messages have a link to this.
System Availability

Siteset will manage a hosting environment and maintain all web services and support systems in accordance with agreed services levels.

Service Description Service Level
Web services will have 99.85% availability, excluding scheduled maintenance. Downtime of less that 0.15%
Scheduled maintenance windows will be no longer than 2 hours in any 24, unless authorised. Maintenance windows less than 2 hours.
Support systems / services will be available during office hours. Support available 8:30am - 5:30pm Mon - Fri (exc. Bank Holidays)
All malicious or system availability issues will be escalated to both the technical team and the client in a timely manner. Within 30 minutes of being reported/identified
Full backups of the web service will be taken at regular intervals and stored remotely of the live server. Full daily backups, stored in a separate cloud environment.
Build Standards

All bespoke sites will be built to include the following base standards.

Service Description Service Level
All sites will be served over HTTPS with an SSL certificate to validate the site is secure. SSL Certificate
All sites will be editable via a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress (or other based on client requirements)
Site security will be assessed and managed in an appropriate manner, to ensure basic security protection against malicious attacks. Installation of security plugin (on WordPress). Alternative CMS will have suitable solutions agreed.
All services will be hosted in a robust manner. Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting in Siteset shared environment
All sites will use GDPR compliant forms which feature all of the privacy policy and compliance checks required. Data will be transferred via Amazon SES mail services to ensure data is protected and will not be stored on the servers. GDPR Compliant Forms & Amazon SES Mail Services
We will implement specific extensions to WordPress (or the chosen CMS of client's choice) to allow clients with bespoke sites to control meta data, make sure content is accessible and control noindex nofollow for search engines. CMS control of Meta Data and Accessibility
Sites will be routinely tested on standard browsers (latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and mobile devices (latest versions of Apple OS and Android) and will be built to be responsive to all screen sizes (tested using an emulator). Fully responsive website
All sites will have Google Analytics code implemented so that user traffic can be reported on. As standard this will be implemented using the Siteset account but if clients request their own account then this will be implemented as well. Google Analytics tracking code implemented on live site
Bespoke Change Requests / Development

All bespoke change requests, which will require development, will be dealt with as follows:

Service Description Service Level
All new change requests that cannot be facilitated by the current platform, and will require development change, will be responded to in a timely manner. With 3 working days
The above will receive initial quotations to establish viability for the client in a timely manner, following initial clarifications being received. Within 5 working days of clarifications on requirements being received
Full quotations, on completion of specification and all clarifications on the scope (which may include a workshop), will be prepared and distributed to the client for review in a timely manner. Within 5 working days of completion of specification / workshops.
On sign-off of change requests budgets, resource will be assigned to undertake the work in a timely manner. Within 10 working days of sign-off of the budget.




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