Office Tea Rounds – Are they really that much of a sigh?

With Britons drinking, on average, five cups of tea or coffee a day whilst at work you would think that there is a vibrant tea making culture. However there has been some recent talk about the death of tea rounds in the office with a staggering 2.5 million workers claiming they are just too busy to put the kettle on and make a cuppa for everyone. Granted, from time to time we are all too busy to make tea. However, don’t we all really appreciate a nice brew catered for by somebody else? Though it may seem like a chore to make 8 cups in one go, if the rules of the office are fair and just you should, in theory, be offered 7 back that day!

If you are one of the people who know you do not participate as much as you should, maybe you could consider the benefits of making tea:

  • Working as a team – it will certainly make you appear as more of a team player.
  • Grateful – colleagues will remember who does and doesn’t make tea and will always be grateful of a fresh cup delivered with a friendly face.
  • Give yourself a break – Physically, mentally and visually, it is good to take a break from your desk now and again. It can give you an instant re-charge to walk around and not be glued to a computer screen for 9 hours of the day.
  • Brings people together – Sometimes you may not converse with certain people in a day, so making a tea for that individual is a good way to break the ice.
  • Time efficient – if you are making yourself 5 cups of tea a day, surely that one tea round equates to less time?

If you feel you’re being treated like the tea trolly dolly, propose this website to make sure everyone is aware of who is pulling their weight

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