we are an industry leader in creating and managing multi-site portfolios

utilise syndicated content shared across all your sites, guaranteeing accuracy, control and brand adherence no matter where your content appears

Siteset’s original concept was to provide a solution for business with a need for a network of multiple websites. We created an ability to share content seamlessly across all these websites, with all the content (both shared and website specific) completely content managed via a CMS. We created our first software platform over twenty years ago to specifically enable our clients to create these networks of distributed websites that were made up of both localised content (controlled by the local business) and centralised content (controlled by a central brand and marketing team) existing in tandem.

We have delivered this system for many businesses over the years, including McAfee, BADA, Standard Life, Embark and St. James’s Place Wealth Management and we currently manage one of the largest portfolios of integrated websites in the world!

We now use a next generation software platform that not only allows content syndication across websites, but also across channels. The system is technology agnostic, allowing us to publish content as objects to any platform. That could be a website, an app, a data feed or API to another system. Your content can now be truly cross channel and anyone or any other platform can consume it easily.

Multi-site and syndicated content implementations are built as a bespoke implementation, with all the flexibility you will need.

One content hub, many possible targets

Our platform publishes content to ‘targets’ via an API and Cache. If you have multiple websites, apps, data feeds and even other assets created by other agencies, they can all consume the same content as data and display however they like.

Ideal for Franchise setups

Our platform is ideal for franchises who want to ensure their brand and content is managed, protected and up to date across the entire online estate instantly. We have implemented ‘off-the-shelf’ web designs for franchises that allow individual locations to opt into and customise to suit their location. Running a brand controlled franchise has never been easier!

Full portfolio management, including compliance

We are an industry leader in managing and maintaining large multi-site networks. Our teams can not only manage the platforms day to day, undertaking everything from content management to technical support, but they can also provide full brand and compliance oversight to make sure all of your portfolio is on brand and legally compliant.



Running one website can sometimes be a handful, so running a whole portfolio of them is a real art form. We have made it our business to do this. We have experience creating and supporting multi-site networks for a number of large clients, ranging from franchise, to regional setups, to one of the largest networks of integrated and brand controlled websites in the world.

We implement sites on a single instance of a Content Management System, and include a management and reporting suite to see at a glance the status of all sites. But our next generation platform also means that if you want more flexibility but the same syndication capabilities, then we can setup your content to be distributed from this system as a hub. Your websites can use any other platform or technology – or even a whole mix – and other platforms, such as apps, can consume the same content at the same time.

A 'pick n mix' build and easy order workflow

We run smooth and easy-to-access workflows for your staff and stakeholders, so that they can easily order new websites or services. Our workflow also means that they can quickly identify what features they want and then we will power up the new service quickly and efficiently so that it can be live and delivering value.

Our implementation allows for a customised website order process, that gives a full list of choices to end users. A dynamic contract can be produced and signed online and the order form will come directly into our support team immediately.

Guardianship of brand and content

Some of our clients have specific standards that they need to comply with. These can be government guidelines, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or internal brand guidelines.

Our support team can act as guardians for your content and brand, assessing it against your guidelines and then communicating with stakeholders to rectify anything that isn’t up to standard. We can also implement review workflows to make sure that only the relevant person can publish content to live and only once review has been sought.


St. James's Place Wealth Management

We’ve been working with St. James’s Place Wealth Management for over fifteen years and in this time we have developed a number of bespoke integrated solutions to enable them to better serve their prospects online.

Our bespoke development work has enabled them to engage in innovative ways for their business to serve both prospects and existing clients and provide a growing amount of management data to inform their future business decisions.




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