Marketing Hacks

As a marketer it is hard to find time to stay on top of what is happening in marketing and your own industry. But it is essential to keep up to date so that you can incorporate and use the latest digital trends in your marketing strategy and campaigns. Here are six proven marketing hacks that simplify my life.

1. Daily Feeds

Sign up to industry daily feeds. This way you get the information you want sent to you in snippet form from a variety of sources. It only takes a couple of minutes to read through an email and/or click on a link for more details. You can stay up to date and also find content for your social media feeds.

2. Flipboard and Zite

A good source for news includes Flipboard and Zite. These are both magazine-style apps for mobile and tablet. You set up your profile to feed you articles from a huge variety of sources, on a wide range of topics be that social media, finance, digital disruption, world news or even baking!

The magazine style allows you to flip through articles quickly and dip in to read further those that interest you. This proves useful for our social media feeds where I source articles on marketing, agile, design and finance. There is always something new and interesting to read, whether you have five minutes or an hour.

3. Evernote

This is the ultimate life hack, a universal filing cabinet. With the ability to set up tags and several notebooks, you can file anything and everything; business cards, presentations, articles and even recipes. It is available online, as an app and desktop version, the same content no matter what you view it on.

I send any interesting articles I find through the internet, news feeds, and Zite or Flipboard to Evernote, via its web clipper, and tag it accordingly. If I’ve not had an opportunity to read an article I mark it as ‘to read’ and then when I’m on a train or have some time to spare, I have lots of interesting articles to read. You can also edit, or create your own notes so Evernote is also really useful for writing blogs, or presentations that you can access anywhere from any devices.

If you are a busy marketer, or person, Evernote is a must!

4. Podcasts & TED Talks

Another way of keeping up to date is Podcasts and TED Talks. I spend a lot of time in the car and see this as my ‘podcast’ time. Most podcasts aren’t too long so you can listen to a variety of podcasts and/or music even on a short journey or commute.

TED Talks are a great resource with talks about anything you can think of, from poetry to programming to parenting. Most of the talks are not too long and once again are a good source for social media feeds.

5. Scheduling

Social media takes time. You need to customise your posts not only for each stream but also each target market and then track them for ROI. An easier way to do this is with scheduling software such as Hootsuite, Sprout or Kloot. We use Hootsuite to manage our company Twitter feed and LinkedIn page, and also the Facebook page and Twitter feed for our app The Geordie Motivator ( It allows us to schedule all our separate streams with content that is relevant and the calender feature allows us to ensure that our posts are balanced across all our social media streams.
With both an online portal and apps you can access it anywhere and the analytics help track ROI. A definite time saver in any marketer’s book.

6. Routine

This may seem a somewhat crazy hack but if you get into a routine of doing something it soon becomes habit. If you check your news feeds every morning for 5-10 minutes you’ll be up to date on what’s happening in your industry before you start work and provide content for social media. You may even find a talking point to start a conversation with a client.
I have a set routine for reading my news in the morning, spotting an article of interest, sending it to Evernote, then reading this later and subsequently posting it on social media via Hootsuite. It still takes time but these hacks help reduce that time to something manageable.

Life as a marketer is a busy one, but with a combination of marketing hacks and planning you can keep up to date with what is happening in the digital world and use it to your advantage.

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