Launching the Village Estates Website and our Property Listings Plugin / Elementor Extension

Village Estates approached us towards the end of 2018 as they needed help to create an online presence for their business. They didn’t have an existing website or even an established online brand, so we had to start from a blank canvass. This presented us with the perfect opportunity to develop our WordPress plugin and Elementor extensions further to facilitate a property listing functionality.

Our aim was to develop re-useable property listing functionality that could be configured to fit with a brand style. But we also wanted to utilise the incredible design power of the Elementor Pro platform. We have already developed our own Elementor Siteset extension, which adds new integrations and features into the already feature rich Elementor Pro plugin. So the logical choice was to incorporate into our own plugin the new page type and property functionality.

Our developers worked on a new custom page type to make creating properties easy, and then we developed a front end layout that incorporated a filterable index page with individual property feature pages. These were styled dynamically and style settings incorporated into the WordPress interface. The page type pulled the global elements (headers, footers) specified in Elementor Pro, allowing us to wrap a full Elementor site around the property functionality. We then developed a custom property search trigger widget for Elementor, allowing us to place this wherever we like around the site and this would feed a location search into the property index page.

The project represents another step forward for us in extending our platform and also in integrating Elementor to further functionality. This allows us to service the very specialist estate agency sector with one of the most flexible website platforms now available on the market.

To read the case study on Village Estates, click here.

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