Launching Beach Bums Boxes

Beach Bums Boxes is a brand new and exciting business concept aimed at a young ‘millennial’ demographic and launching a new kind of product to the marketplace. When Olivia from Beach Bums Boxes came to us she had a great product and logo but needed an online brand creating.

The project

Beach Bums Boxes is a unique new offering to the marketplace, giving customers the chance to create their ‘box’ of goodies from a selection of different products. Beach-goers can customise their box of six options to create their personalised Beach Bums Box.

Olivia had a really strong sense of the online brand she wanted to create and was clear that it needed to be vibrant, unusual and have a colourful look and feel. We explored some of the existing websites in the marketplace that she felt set the standard and then set out some design guidelines for what we needed to produce.

To add complexity to the project, Beach Bums Boxes required a bespoke shopping cart experience, where users could only pick from a set of six items to go in their box. So we looked at how best we could leverage the power of our platforms to achieve this.

Just want to say a massive thank you!! The Beach Bums website looks amazing and I really appreciate all the work you put into it.
Olivia Fullman
Founder of Beach Bums Boxes

Design in build and iterative changes

We employed our usual approach of design in build, so that we could quickly create a working prototype for Olivia to review. Once we’d done this she was able to quickly identify things that didn’t work and changes she wanted and we were able to make those in a series of quick iterations, sometimes in real time, so that the site literally evolved before her eyes. She was able to have new artwork created at the same time and we dropped it into place as the site was coming together, so that the whole build process was not only iterative but completely collaborative between us and the client. Most importantly, she felt like she was not only contributing but was actively in control of how her brand was being developed and so she could be comfortable that it was exactly what she wanted for her business.

A bespoke shopping cart experience

One of the challenges of this project was the cart experience, which required the functionality to know what a box could have in it and then list only those products and variations. We didn’t want an off the shelf solution which limited the styles either. So we leant on our trusted Elementor Platform and used the ‘out of the box’ integrations it has with WooCommerce, one of the industry’s leading e-Commerce plugins for WordPress. We then used an additional plugin to WooCommerce to allow the creation of bundles and implemented custom code to make the final experience match the requirements. Then using Elementor’s page styling capabilities we were able to apply a colourful style approach for the page, which will be easily applicable to further box carts when these are added in the future.

Finally we integrated the payment platform (in this case Stripe) and guided her through the process of the required legal terms and conditions for the online shop, before putting the site live on time for her meetings and marketing to promote the business.

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