Franchise / Syndicated Content Websites

If you have content you want to appear on multiple different sites and applications then it is important that you only have a single point to edit it, so that it always stays in sync. Look no further, because we have unrivalled experience in creating syndicated content networks.

Syndicated Content

Our business was founded on distributing centralised content across multiple locations, whether this is for a franchise, a multi-site setup or across completely different frontends. Our in house systems allow you to create websites or applications that have their own local content, but also access centralised content that is maintained once and distributed across the whole portfolio.

Whether you have a single brand that you wish to remain consistent across all sites, or you want your sites to be individual but use the same content, our system is built to facilitate it. And if you need regional variety that is fine too, our system allows you to opt sites into content as required.

We have spent many years refining the way we and our systems work to allow huge flexibility for clients who wish to syndicate their content across many locations. Our approach makes it easy to keep content up to date and synchronised across every environment at the click of a button.


For companies that want multiple websites that are all on brand then we have unrivalled experience in this. We currently run one of the largest integrated single-brand networks of sites in the world, with over 2,500 websites all on brand, with syndicated and local content.

Our system allows designs to be rolled out to multiple sites seamlessly, either locked down or with flexible configuration, allowing you to easily and affordably setup a network of regional sites that are all on brand, on message and with your controlled content. But as our system wraps their own local content around this, each site can be localised to feel specific to the area they serve, giving the local franchisee the power to promote themselves at the same time.

A support team that looks after your values

Our support team provide first line support to franchisees who need help setting up and maintaining their websites. We act as an outsourced support team for your business, allowing your end users to contact us whenever they need support, or even just need some content adding to their site. Our team will help with all their needs, from creating their site in the first instance through to helping or undertaking content and design changes on their behalf.

If you have specific design, content or regulatory standards that your content always needs to meet then our team can be trained to act on your behalf, working with your stakeholders and end users to make sure your content is always correct. And our ‘annual renewal’ approach to our sites means that we proactively undertake an audit annually to make sure that any changes that have been made are not only still current but also meeting all of the standards that your business requires.