Bespoke Project Services

We undertake large scale bespoke development for large businesses, whether this be website, portal development, online software or apps. Each project is scoped individually, based on the requirements of the project and the most suitable platform identified based on this.

Our team of developers and project managers can deliver something truly bespoke, built for your business and shaped to serve your customers’ needs.

Quality Driven Development

The way we work is to understand the value drivers and business case for your project and then to undertake a thorough analysis of your requirements, your business and the end users you are building your solution for, in order to identify the best solution to meet these.

But we are also agile in our approach, so we will focus on how to get the most value for you as quickly as possible, so that you can realise return on investment within your marketplace as quickly as possible.

Time rather than scope, giving you more control of changes

Our approach is to sell time, rather than scope, because our experience has shown us that things change too rapidly for fixed scope to be a viable approach. Instead, we look at the full scope of requirements and provide risk based estimates for the time you will need to buy in order to deliver the value you are seeking. Then when we engage in the development we agree the priority with you and deliver highest priority first. That means that if when you see the development you change your mind then you simply redirect the focus of the project, rather than having to engage in lengthy debates about change requests and additional budget.

The beauty of this approach is that it assumes things will change along the way and gives you the power to make decisions without continually incurring extra cost. And if the project comes in under budget then we will only charge you for what you have used!

But better still, this approach is driven by the priorities you have. So you may find that once the high priority tasks have been delivered that you are ready to go live and deliver value to your business and customers immediately. You can then iterate to your heart’s content, delivering further value piece by piece but already being ahead of your competitors.

Technology to suit your needs

For small businesses we usually use WordPress as our CMS of choice, but for larger projects and bespoke builds we assess the needs project by project. The reality is that when it comes to specific requirements then ‘off the shelf’ simply won’t cut it. Instead, we can build a completely bespoke development, specifically to suit your business case.

Our team usually develop using PHP, with the Laravel framework providing the robust standards required for all of our projects. This allows us to integrate easily with other systems you might use and to leverage a wide range of packages that allow us to quickly produce functionality.

We have also invested over the years in developing our own CMS, which is a flexible framework for building not only websites but also in publishing content to apps and other setups. Delivering content to live via JSON data, we can publish to multiple locations and technologies all at once, meaning you can integrate multiple content points to a single system seamlessly. This system also enables syndicated content ‘out of the box’, ideal for franchises and multi-site setups.