A peek behind the curtains of a Digital Agency

As a freelancer, you’re never entirely sure what you’re about to walk into when you take that breathless call from a recruitment agent asking if you’re ‘free right away’ to ‘cover some administration’. Such a broad term.

Siteset Digital, an unknown outfit to me when I took that call and said ‘yes’. Whilst the digital sector has grown considerably in the last twenty years, there are many of us who don’t work in this area and know little about the day-to-day tasks and activities of digital companies, so I was initially unsure about the types of tasks I would be required to assist with.

In just over three weeks it has proven to be an insightful and fun experience working on the service desk, giving me a snack-sized sample of work in a corner of the digital profession.

The Siteset service desk, responsible for assisting with the build and maintenance of over two thousand individual wealth management websites across the UK and Asia, is a hive of lively and quick turn-around activity. What this means is the working day flies by thanks to a very varied task list and a good bunch of people to work with.

Working as part of a team on the service desk involves handling calls from all sorts of individuals needing help with their website. The phones are busy and so is the desk – there are a lot of people with websites and a lot of jobs they want doing, but it’s an instantly gratifying job where you can see the results of the work you’ve done.

Updating personal profiles, adding testimonials online, tweaking address details, chasing people to see if they want to keep their website going, editing photos and written editorial, keeping track of time spent, make up a working day. Our phones are constantly busy and a smart ticketing system lets our team collectively see who’s working on which task, as well as being able to quickly pull up task histories.

Siteset prides itself on the processes used to carry out tasks consistently and reliably. Being ‘process driven’, again more terminology, can be hard to get behind in terms of understanding. With such a variety of tasks and the need to ensure that every wealth management Partner’s website is financially compliant, being process driven in plain speak means learning and then following a company’s step-by-step tasks in order to get a job done. Once you get familiar with all the different steps which help govern what to do next on jobs, you suddenly find you’re powering through tasks independently. And that’s a nice feeling.

If you think tech companies only house the stereotypes of people either musing over Facebook or where no one talks to each other, Siteset Digital couldn’t be further from this. Whilst we work hard we also have a good laugh at the same time, there are regular breaks aways from the screen to play games of pool in the communal area, waffle breaks on Monday afternoons and I have met people here who want to have fun in their team, but who want to get the work done too.

For any young graduate or individual who wants to find a useful career starting point which would offer them some useful skills in a world ever more reliant on the web, looking for companies like Siteset could prove a real find.

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