5 ways to make “Can I help you?” do what it says on the tin

Making help really helpful is something we think we’ve got cracked.

For this blog, we asked our Service Delivery Manager Angela Seymour-Jones just how she and her team do it.

Why does Siteset have something to say about customer service?

Siteset is an award winning digital agency that uses an agile approach and practical user experience principles to produce beautiful and functional websites and software.

But unlike most other digital agencies, we also provide a web portfolio management service, which offers support to companies that maintain a multitude of sites and channels. A prime example of this is the service we run for one of our largest clients, FTSE 100 company St. James’s Place Wealth Management. We build, host, manage, maintain and support over 2,000 websites, as well as a number of integrated applications to support communications with their clients. Each of these clients and channels needs to be individually optimised to reach their target audience whilst also being compliant with both the central brand and content guidelines and crucially with FCA requirements as well.

What do you think good customer service is?

Good customer service means having experience and thorough knowledge of the services and products you provide and being able to help clients make the best use of them. It’s also about treating each client with a friendly, helpful attitude.  We try to understand and empathise with their problems and help them in a friendly way.

What do you do?

My role as Service Delivery Manager is to manage the day to day service delivery of the client accounts, promoting continuous improvement in productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction, in line with our SLA.

As well as helping the team deliver the service on a day to day basis, I also make sure the scope of work is balanced between the team, deal with any issues that arise with a client and ensure we always provide a high quality service.

On a daily basis the team deals, on average, with 145 emails and phone calls, so planning and QA are essential in order to maintain our very high standards.

What does your team do?

The team deals with a variety of requests, varying from purchasing domains, building websites and updating website content through to providing ongoing telephone support for queries ranging from ‘I can’t log in’ to ‘how do I optimise my website’. One of the most important things we do is manage compliance updates to make sure the sites meet their legal obligations.

What do you think is the key to good customer service?

I believe it is consistency,  being consistent every time, with everything, with every client.  I believe the following things are key for us:

  • Positive attitude – This is a ‘can do’ attitude. Do whatever it takes to help the client. I believe this attitude starts with a natural desire to help people.
  • Keep your promise – “Well done is better than well said”. If you promise something to your client, keep that promise. If you don’t then they won’t trust you again. The key to keeping your promise is regularly check on the progress made on delivering on this promise and keeping the client in the loop.
  • Being a good listener. – You need to know what your customer wants. So whenever you can, ask! Show a genuine interest in the client and what they have to say. This also means that you’ll have to ask questions to get what they require.
  • Helping your client fully understand the product/service they are using and paying for. It is important to remember that they pay us because they don’t understand it themselves.
  • Stay positive (even when dealing with the cranky ones!)

Siteset consistently maintains a 99% standard SLA. How do you and your team manage this?

We are a very efficient team and take time each day to prioritise client requests. Each member of the team has set processes that they manage on a daily basis and this therefore enables us to complete requests in a timely manner well inside our SLA. We are also a very agile team. Anyone can do any of the many tasks we have to handle, so we can be very efficient and if someone is out of the office we aren’t relying on them to progress things.

The team support and manage over 2,000 websites, so what is the most frequent question you get asked?

  • What is my user name and password?
  • How do I log into my site

Lastly, how do you deal with awkward clients?

It is very rare that we have awkward clients. However, on the few occasions where we have had them we have dealt with it by empathising with them and showing an understanding of their frustrations. This enables us to provide them with the best solution and usually leaves them very happy indeed.

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