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Our Products & Platforms

We have developed a number of products to deliver cutting edge functionality via the web. Whether you want to deliver content in a powerful and real time way, engage dynamically with your end users or present performance data in a visual dashboard. We also work with mainstream systems too.


The most popular CMS in the world!

If you want a website built on a mainstream open source platform then why not use the most popular CMS in the world? 17% of all websites in the world are developed using Wordpress and as such it has a huge selection of themes and plugins available as off the shelf solutions.

We can help you select a theme that will suit your business needs, or build you one from scratch, and then set-up the functionality you need to be able to maintain it.

Whether you want a simple blog, a full transactional website, ecommerce or something a little different, Wordpress is an affordable way to achieve this.


A powerful, customisable document creation and customer engagement tool

Customers expect to be able to engage with you online and at their convenience. Fusion is designed to facilitate online engagement with customers by providing a platform that:

  • Allows you to set-up information capture processes
  • Produces dynamic documents incorporating your fixed content and customer inputs
  • Reduces time overheads by removing need for offline processes
  • Allows you to capture, store and use data from your customers
  • Eliminates mistakes made with manual data input processes

Fusion is specifically designed so that you can create and manage engagements yourself, rather than having to rely on a developer. You can create questionnaires, surveys, data capture and document creation that allow your customers to engage with you in real time.

Whether you need to produce orders, invoices, contracts, confirmations, personalised quotations or brochures or simply facilitate data capture and exchange, Fusion will revolutionise your business processes and your customers' experience of your business.

copter Copter

Instant business analytics

Getting a holistic helicopter view of your business performance can be difficult, especially when you need to get data from multiple sources.

Copter is a dashboard that allows you to easily collect data from multiple resources and locations, instantly rolling these into a top down set of visuals that shows how your business is performing.

Data can be filtered, drilled into and trends can be modelled, so that you can see at a glance how all the KPIs from your business are looking. And Copter can be set-up to incorporate data from feeds or manual input, via our powerful content hub.


A modern, flexible content management system

Molecule isn't so much a content management system as a content hub. Unlike traditional systems, where the page type is inherent in the system, Molecule is agnostic of the frontend it is delivering to and so could be used for one or multiple websites, apps or even as a feed to another system all at the same time.

Developed using the Laravel PHP framework, Molecule uses APIs to deliver content to the frontend in realtime rather than publishing static files. This is a much more powerful way to deliver content and means it isn't tied to a single technology (such as HTML or PHP). This allows Molecule to be able to feed content to any location and even to multiple locations.

Molecule has a powerful tagging engine and flexible templating approach, allowing content to be curated easily and meta data to be associated with it, so that the frontend can manipulate it in any way you wish. As Molecule has no context of the frontend it acts as a powerful content repository that can be used for almost any purpose.