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Telegraph St. James's Place Wealth Seminars


St. James's Place Wealth Management


The brief

This is a project that Siteset will undertake biannually, our usual brief is to simply review and process the seminars on the Partner and Telegraph iFrame site. This includes ensuring that the data provided is in the format required, to ensuring that the pin is on the Google Map right down to resizing venue images and liaising with Partners.  

St. James's Place Wealth Management had a brief for this campaign which was to improve the experience of the Wealth Seminars page within their Partner Estate and the Telegraph's website as they had a drop in the number of registrations from previous years. The main challenge set out by St. James's Place was to reduce the number of clicks in order to reach the end goal and ensure the Partner and Telegraph experience was consistent. 

What we did

We designed a number of concepts that were based on the Telegraph's style guide which were used on both the Partner estate websites and also the iFrame which is consumed by the Telegraph. We designed a number of alternative options which demonstrated the amount of clicks and page transitions from the last iteration of campaign.  

The Result

The feedback from St. James's Place was very positive as within a three week period the registrations for the Autumn campaign were almost in line with whole Spring campaign. To put this in perspective within three weeks of the Spring this campaign the completed registration forms were 152, whereas this campaign had 223! Which is a 46.71% increase in the amount of registrations that have been completed. 

  • Partner version of Telegraph Seminars page

  • Telegraph Wealth Seminars page

  • Registrations for the Autumn campaign are almost in exactly the same place as the Spring campaign; 141 completed registration forms, equalling 220 people registering for events (as you can select up to 4 people to attend). At the same number of days into the Spring campaign the figures were 152 completed registration forms equalling 223 registering for events. Mike Harrison | Digital Marketing Project Manager | St. James's Place Wealth Management

Services provided

  • Content
  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Web Development