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2,000+ Website Global Portfolio


St. James's Place Wealth Management


The brief

The wealth management company St. James’s Place needed a way to provide individual websites for each of their Partners, containing both central content and localised content created by the Partners. In addition they needed the growing portfolio to be managed for them, including technical and content services for the day-to-day running of the sites and on-going consultancy on developing the services to include more interactive content and features.

The websites

We used our bespoke in-house content management system (CMS) to create a model for the websites that could incorporate central content from St. James’s Place and local content from the Partners as well. We then rolled this out across the Partnership, allowing each Partner to have their own website and access to our CMS to edit their content whenever they wished.

A key part of the requirement was to develop a number of different flexible branding options for different Partner types, with a set of complex branding and business rules applied to these models. This needed to be a seamless selection within the system, with the core content and design framework remaining the same.

The sites have been developed to be fully responsive and incorporate a number of different additional page types:

The move to Asia

In 2015 our projects and support teams worked with St. James's Place marketing team to produce a new version of the sites for Partners in China. This took the initial Partner model and incorporated a number of new specific features. The support team then worked directly with the China and UK marketing teams to create new sites and make sure these had content that specifically supported and fitted the Chinese market.

This was a key strategic move for St. James's Place with new centralised content needing to be implemented specifically for Chinese sites and merged with UK content as well. The system had to be developed to support this additional requirement and was done very quickly and successfully.

  • An image of Surrey Hill WM Homepage

    A Partner branded website

  • An image of David Penney's website homepage

    A Partner branded website with alternative layout

  • An image of Janine Edwards' website homepage

    A St. James's Place Wealth Management branded Partner site

  • An image of the SJP partner website meet the team page

    One of the meet the team page layouts

  • A screenshot of the centralised wealth content for St. James's Place Wealth Management

    Some of the centralised content that appears on all Partner sites

  • A screenshot of centralised welath content for St. James's Place Wealth Management websites

    Centralised fund content that appears on all Partner sites


The websites are integrated to the Insights website (a online market information and article based magazine site), so that Partners can present this content under their own branding for their own clients. Additionally we have developed the E-Briefings platform, allowing Partners to upload client information so that their clients can receive mailing about key market information that they are interested in. This is integrated to dotMailer and sends mailings to over 250,000 contacts.

Siteset provide full support, guidance and help to Partners in preparing and managing data within these systems, as part of the support team work. Additionally the support team needed to get up to speed on the differences in legislation between China and the UK and now support and provide first line checks to make sure all the sites in China are on brand and meet the legal guidelines as well.

The support team

We have a dedicated client services team who deal directly with stakeholders for the 2,000+ websites in the Partner portfolio. Our team delivers support and advise on over 100 separate lines of service from content management to technical support for domain registration and DNS configuration. The team is fully agile, with all members being able to service all the service lines, making the team incredibly flexible and effective.

Annually the team deal with:


The result

We now manage a portfolio of over 2,000 sites for St. James’s Place, comprising websites, microsites and bespoke branded sites. Additionally we now run a number of integrated applications built specifically for St. James’s Place, including Daily Market Bulletins, Surveys and Events campaigns.

Our management team maintain a direct relationship with the Partners, helping them with everything from getting their website set up to providing advice and support on content and technical issues. We also pride ourselves on having consistently provided St. James's Place with a gold-level service for many years.

We also helped St. James's Place to move swiftly and launch the online presence for their new Partners in China, which is now able to support their growth in this new market for them and ensures not just UK but global consistency of brand.

Services provided

  • Content
  • Design
  • Outsourcing
  • Responsive
  • Strategy
  • Web Development