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Recruitment Candidate Test


Avanti Recruitment


The challenge

Avanti needed to recruit eight candidates to join a team for a job role in only a couple of weeks. Each candidate needed to have the right skills to be able to undertake a wide range of online tasks, including QA of content, formatting of new content and liaising with high profile stakeholders via email and on the phone. It was imperative that the candidates could all maintain a high level of concentration, guarantee that quality was maintained and communicate with stakeholders in an appropriate manner.

The solution

We developed an online test, designed with tasks to test each area of expertise required for the role. In order to test attention to detail we developed a spot the difference task with only loose guidelines on what to look for. This tested how long a candidate spent on the task and if they only undertook the minimum or continued until they had found all the differences.

Two further tasks tested the candidates' ability to identify issues in a written email and also to write feedback for a client to receive. A multiple choice set of questions established the technical aptitude of candidates and then other tasks tested general skills and their thought processes.

The test tasks were timed by the application so that the candidates performance and time per task could be analysed and judgements could be made on how much care and attention had been taken.

The result

Avanti were able to quickly rule out unsuitable candidates and the client was able to assess the data and further identify those who wouldn't be suitable. It significantly reduced time wastage in getting candidates initially vetted pre-interview, meaning that all candidates interviewed by the end client were suitable for the job,

Services provided

  • Design
  • Software
  • Web Development