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Infant School Website


Pinewood Infant School


"We want something simple and effective..."

Pinewood Infant School had been using a provider for their website for quite a few years and found the solution had become inflexible and not suitable for their need for flexibility had grown. They asked us to come up with something new that met their key requirements:

A specific concern was that they wanted something that was welcoming rather than intimidating. They didn't want a website that looked too corporate. Another key consideration was that they didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to the project so having an agency that could work independently and quickly, but could also provide regular and light touchpoints for review was very important.

  • Homepage

  • Staff page featuring hand-drawn imagery

  • Survey results, using canvas graphing

What we did

We went into the school and undertook an audit of their requirements from both a page and site management point of view. We also got a feel for the school and its ethos. We then designed a couple of concepts for the homepage, trying a few different options for creating their culture in a digital space. We purposely tried to create one concept on the formal side and another that was more paired back. We then reviewed these and agreed on one to take forward with points to focus on changing.

Iterative delivery and content driven development

Our creative arm Brash went into the school and undertook a lot of photography to be used for the site. We also took content from the old site and new content written by the school and drawings from the children to create teh key templates.

The approach to development was to iteratively build up the page types following a design in build approach, using HTML/CSS mockups to demonstrate the pages and then iteratively review and update these based on feedback in short meetings and via email. This approach limited the amount of meetings required but ensured their regular involvement. It also reduced the design and development overheads for the project, keeping costs to a minimum.

Once we had a full working HTML prototype we then deconstructed the site and implemented our content hub (Molecule) allowing them to edit the content easily.

Services provided

  • Content
  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Strategy