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Geordie Motivator


Brash Limited


Who is the Geordie Motivator and what did he want?

Our sister company Brash came to us with the idea of developing an app for the Geordie Motivator, a reclusive and maverick motivator from Newcastle who is on a one man mission to motivate the world. For this project they needed an app developed and a supporting website, Twitter and Facebook pages and an ongoing campaign of digital promotion.

The app

We set to work creating wireframe prototypes of the app to demonstrate the different functional journeys that were required, using clickable models to test how these worked. Brash provided graphical designs and brand guidelines for the project, along with clear functional requirements so we were able to quickly progress to a final operational specification for development.

Our team developed an initial functional draft of the app for iPhone which we were able to then beta test with a cut down version of the functionality. We then iterated the product to build up the categories and functionality. Once the app was fully functional and signed off we used the iPhone version of the model as the working specification for the Android model, dealing with any differences between the two platforms as they arose and operating on the principal that both versions of the app should be identical except where the platforms didn't allow it.

  • Category menu

  • Mode of motivator selection

  • Motivations at intervals

  • Creating a favourites category

  • Setting up motivations as alarms

  • The Geordie Motivator website

  • The Geordie Motivator's story

  • Facebook page

  • Twitter page

Socialising with the Geordie Motivator

To support the app we developed a website that leveraged the same brand as the app. This outlined the key features of the app with sounds files so that people could sample the humorous content and links to the app store so that people could download the free or full versions of the app.

We also set-up a branded Facebook and Twitter page to start promotion of the app and put in place a campaign of content to support the pages. This consisted of regular posts with motivations from the app and additional motivations making comment on items in the news and media. There was very little budget to support these pages so an organic and low maintenance campaign was put in place which saw a steady growth in followers over the following months.

Services provided

  • Apps
  • Strategy