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Free Rehearsal Space


Free Rehearsal Space


The brief

Simon and Harry Williams approached us with the challenge of creating a brand and online presence for their new startup, which was designed to utilise free commercial property space in London for actors and theatre groups that required rehearsal space. The venture, which united Harry's passion for theatre with Simon's career in commercial property, required a brand and website to be created that communicated the link with performing arts and theatres, whilst feeling formal so to communicate that it wasn't a scam.

  • Free Rehearsal Space website - top of page

  • Free Rehearsal Space website - bottom of page

Our approach

We immediately started sketching ideas and developing an online brand and colour palette to communicate the themes of location, rehearsal, office space and theatre. We identified a red palette to fit with the common red colour of theatre curtains and a full bleed background image to establish the feel of a space where rehearsals could take place.

Due to the simplicity of the new business and the concept they were aiming to start up, we suggested a single page website with blocks of content that led the user down the page in a story like manner. This lent itself to the responsive approach that they wanted in order to make the page work on all devices.

The brand

We played around with a number of different ideas for logos. We wanted to find something that would equally represent locations as well as the theatre. Although we tried a number of different sketched ideas, the one that we kept coming back to was the map pin with some sort of link to the theatre. We struck upon incorporating the theatre masks within the pin and then used red as the overall approach for colour, linking to the theatre curtains.

Having developed the online brand assets we then produced versions of the logos for offline use in letter heads and business cards.

What happened?

The website was a great success, so much so that the attention it gained meant they ran out of rehearsal spaces very quickly. The website was even tweeted by a number of prominent actors in London, no doubt contributing to the business being inundated with requests for space.

Services provided

  • Responsive
  • Web Development