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City Financial


The brief

City Financial wanted to develop a new platform to deliver news and information about funds to wealth professionals. The content needed to be only available to professionals so user registration was required, with the ability to manage users and remove those who don't provide valid proof that they are ceritified wealth advisers. The platform needed to combine a vast amount of different information and allow filtering on a large number of variables. They also wanted content to be tagged so that it could be cross linked to other relevant content within the site, so that users could quickly move between linked content without having to search for it.

Additionally, a key consideration was allowing users to be able to flag content as favourite for ease of access at a later date and to be able to download content in PDFs. City Financial also wanted us to advise how they could meet these key requirements and so Siteset were brought in to strategically consult on how the platform could be developed and then expanded and also the bext way to facilitate the content and users in the best way.

  • Homepage

  • Fund Search page

  • IA Sector page

  • One of three article based pages

The solution

We spent quite a bit of time working closely with City Financial to understand exactly what they wanted to achieve, what the key personas were, what they needed to get from the site and how each set of content linked to each other. We then undertook an in depth creative workshop to piece together a skeleton user experience for each area of the site before taking away the outputs and preparing full wireframe prototype journeys and graphical designs for key pages.

The next stage of work was to develop the functional backbone for the site, using our content hub Molecule and its powerful tagging engine to put together a working prototype of the filtering mechanisms and to link content types together. Once we had a working prototype we then implemented a login system and user management. This was then styled up and a design in build approach taken to apply the approved graphical mockups to all the remaining pages.

Agile improvements

Following go live of the site we have made regular enhancements to the site, including:

We continue to work closely with City Financial to make ongoing improvements to the site, based on feedback from users. In October 2015 City Financial won a Investment Services Fund Services Award for 'Best Fund Ratings and Research service', for which the site played a key part.

Services provided

  • Design
  • Responsive
  • Strategy
  • Web Development