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Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the office,
not a server was stirring, not even Redis.
The branches were committed to git with care,
in hopes that the projects would be done by new year.
And I led in my bed now, content in my dreams,
knowing that Siteset had such good staff and teams.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
As I tweaked at the curtains to peer into the gloom,
I imagined monsters that would bring about my doom.
But instead what I saw was something quite rare,
a scene like none-other I couldn’t stop myself stare.

There in the snow there stood a sleigh on the ground,
with a jolly fat man and little elves all around.
His beard was all white and his suit was bright red,
and the elves had bells on green hats on their heads.
But they all seemed concerned, their expressions quite grey,
and the cause of their problems I just could not say.

I pulled on my gown and tiptoed out the door,
my feet struck by the cold from the snow on the floor.
With my presence now noticed the elves came around,
and each started talking so that I was caused to frown.
They were all quite upset but I had no idea why,
they were deeply affected, some began to cry.

“Now let’s all be quiet, give this man a fair chance”,
came the voice that cut through them all like a lance.
And now he stepped forward, his boots big and black,
with his big white beard and white hair down his back.
On his head perched a hat as red as his suit,
it was Father Christmas, of that no dispute.

And he spoke again now with a voice soft as snow,
and he told about their tale of such woe.
“We think we’ve been hacked but we aren’t all that sure,
it could just as easily be Farley’s second law.
All we know is that our systems are down,
we’ve no websites or software and without them we’ll drown.”

It was quite obvious that this was not a joke,
the seriousness obvious in the tone that he spoke.
“But how can I help you, it is the middle of the night?”
I asked feeling anxious and my head rather light.
“We need it fixed fast, we need people quite agile,
Siteset can help us for we are rather fragile.”

He looked at me now with a look of such trust,
I instantly knew that assemble the team I must.
But what could I do, my staff already on leave,
and it was now gone midnight on Christmas eve?
How could we fix it all in one night,
and make sure every child woke up to delight?

Of my consternation he was obviously aware,
for he smiled at me then with such meaning and care.
“Do not worry yourself for we can help out too,
and we have come to Siteset for we know what you do.
My magic can buy you the time that you need,
but work your skills quick or we are doomed not to succeed.”

With that he was back in his sleigh with a bound,
a call to his reindeer and they leaped from the ground.
Up into the air amongst flurries of snow,
and with a wave of hooves I saw them go.
I stood in the darkness the cold running me through,
And I thought about all that I now had to do.

I rushed into the house and got right on the phone,
in the hope that some of the team might be home.
More to the point I wondered what I would say,
that I didn’t sound mad I could only pray.
What unfolded then was an adventure to remember,
of how Siteset saved Santa Claus last December.


Continued in A Christmas Dream


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