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Print vs Web: Design Standards

Before joining Siteset I worked in print design. In print you don't have to worry about the methods of production: an A4 sheet is always 210 x 297mm; black ink is always black. The core process of putting ink on paper has changed little in two hundred years, which allows you to focus on the design.

Compare that to web design. It's chaos. Best practices and industry standards are constantly being revised; new plugins and scripting languages are launched every week. Often there's no consensus on any particular issue (e.g. responsive images). Since I joined Siteset we've tested four grid frameworks and none has been quite right for our needs.
I’m hoping to settle on a standard process for starting a new Siteset project but for now, to paraphrase Bono, we still haven't found what we're looking for.


Responsive Imagery Considerations

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What is your online identity and how can you manage it?

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