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A Christmas Dream

The office was alive by the time I got there,
my brilliant team showing just how they care.
I’d driven my way through rain wind and snow,
everyone else similar journeys did go.
And now they were here fingers tapping away,
and I realised there was hope so I did not have to pray.

“Did they have GIT?” one developer said,
“If so then a restore then off back to bed?”
“I don’t think they did, just the data backup
we’ll have to start from scratch, just our luck!”
They all looked glum but set to the task,
knowing this was an awfully big ask.

“There is only one way we can get this all done,
and we might even find that it ends up being fun.”
Our ScrumMaster spoke with his usual guile,
and then he announced “we must be ultra Agile!”
“We must be iterative, lean and super light,
then we’ll be done by the end of the night!”

With a sudden gust the door flew wide,
and a small horde of elves ushered inside.
The tallest of them announced their arrival,
with great aplomb but a voice rather nasal.
“We’re hear to help, tell us what we can do.
We can code, we can test and we can make tea too!”

With no further ado they were deep in chat,
developers and elves discussing this and that.
And I strode over to the window and looked out at the night,
a wide proud smile reflected by the light.
So many of my team here at one in the morning,
and I knew they’d keep working until Christmas was dawning.

Then there was a thud by the door and I turned to see,
the client services team it could only be.
I knew I was right before I heard them come in,
they wouldn’t have deserted their working kin.
And before we knew it they were at their desks,
dealing with data and all manner of requests.

The hours rolled on yet the clock hand stayed still,
it was clear that magic stopped this night having its fill.
And then from the team there arose such a hype,
that I instantly knew we had a working prototype.
Client services began testing with glee,
while the developers sipped on their cups of tea.

Alas it was not long before a bug had been found,
that brought our merriment crashing back to the ground.
Back to the coding they did not complain,
no matter how much they’d begun to wane.
Some more hours passed as they struggled on,
elves and developers striking up a song.

So the office became cheery and no one seemed too weary,
Our rag bag team designed for the job in theory.
As they carried on their work I felt a presence by my side,
and there he stood his smile still wide.
“I knew I could rely on Siteset to help us”
said St. Nicholas softly and without any fuss.

“Do you think you’ll make it?” he asked me quite straight,
“it will not be long until the magic will fade.
The clocks will start ticking and then I must go,
time will be up to fix all this woe.
But the lists are so large now it becomes hard to check,
without the support of all of this tech."

I understood the plight he was in,
his deadline was fixed as if stuck by a pin.
But I trusted my team and the culture they live,
and that they always have all they could give.
All of our clients have deadlines so tight,
that it is enough to give any agency fright.

As we stood in silence our thoughts distracted,
they suddenly announced the code had been refactored.
The testing began again and in earnest,
and we held our breath with each pull request.
But every commit this time seemed to work,
there were no bugs not even a quirk.

“We are back up and running” one elf declared,
as the developers their final release prepared.
And as they pushed up the code ready for live,
the office was buzzing like the bees in a hive.
The anticipation could be cut with a knife,
to us it was like a matter of death or life.

We all held our breath as the transfer was done,
and then an elf hit the domain and it loaded in one.
“It is all working fine, we are good to go”
said the tallest elf in a triumphant bellow.
And I turned to St. Nic but he was already away,
my team now seamed weary their faces quite grey.

“Home with you all, and take a few days in New Year,
enjoy your holidays and remain in good cheer.
We’ve done good work this night and gone above and beyond,
you’ve saved the day and waved our magic wand.”
I saw them all out with a shake of the hand,
having a wonderful team made me feel quite grand.

As I drove back to my home in the hours of that morning,
the oncoming day giving sunrise as warning.
I thought of our efforts and of my staff all so great,
and realised for New Year I could not wait.
To start work again with a team around me,
a team more dedicated there could not be.

So I woke hours later and as I looked around,
my family were there and no snow on the ground.
Could it really have happened or was it just a dream,
could we really have had such an adventure supreme?
I have to conclude probably not I fear,
but nonetheless to all Happy New Year!


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