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Andy Bleach

Technical Lead

Andy has worked in IT for more years than most of his colleagues have been on the planet. While he doesn’t quite remember punch cards (he was probably there, just can’t remember them) he can certainly recall the days of computers taking up entire floors of buildings.

During that time he has:

  • carried hard disk platters across Europe for Ford Motor Company
  • manually defragmented the hard disks of Birdseye Walls
  • been regularly woken in the early hours of the morning to fix broken batch jobs (1200 bits per second – those were the days!)
  • managed multi-million pound budgets
  • hired, cajoled, protected, promoted, reprimanded, soothed, nursed and otherwise fed and watered a 20 strong team of networking engineers
  • won awards (well, just the one)
  • crawled under the desks of dozens of SMEs
  • trained executives in penthouse suites overlooking The City of London
  • changed the lives of hundreds of techno-phobic adults by teaching them to love computers
  • single-handedly built dozens of web applications in markets as diverse as mortgages, professional photography, psychology, property rental, telecommunications, insurance, retail sales, holiday bookings, dentistry, timeshare re-sale, landscape gardening and cakes
  • sprinkled the dust of happy, successful computing into a wide range of organisations including Cable & Wireless, Bupa, Proctor & Gamble, Saga, BBC, Surrey County Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Visa Europe and a company called Siteset - he thought Siteset were so good he decided to join them.